About Us

Yes Men Outfitters was born in 2017 with a passion for pride.

Armed with an arsenal of original designs and a Twitter account, I began marketing and producing Long Island hockey apparel on my screen printing machine after my boss left the shop.  At the suggestion of my sister I adopted the name "Yes Men" emblematic of the team goal chant.  The operations remained covert for most of the year, and through social media connections and new customer relations I began to amass a small network of fans that seemed to be begging for something more from their Hockey experience.  We all began to unite, realizing that it was time to make our own fun.  I teamed up with Offside Tavern for events, selling apparel in between refills during game nights.  I linked up with out of town fans, helping to organize group outings and watch parties.  After the return to the Coli announcement, Oyster Bay Brewing jumped on to help get Barn Rocker at all of our events. The mob grew with every move we made.

 I'm still running everything the exact same way I began (although my boss did eventually catch on...electric bills sold me out).  Every idea, every design, every print, everything starts and ends with me. Every ounce of passion I have goes into every project I touch.  But it's not possible without the friends I've made since this whole thing started  

Get involved.  Amazing things are happening. Parties, Tailgates, Pregames, Group Sections.  There are great people waiting for you to jump in and fight along with them.

Stick to the System.

Welcome to the island